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Tell him you love him with a child engraving gift

childs engraving gift

Your child deserves all the gold in the world. Is it soon his birthday, Christmas, his baptism or his communion? Give him a unique gift with customizable Art’emi creations. It would appear that the child engraving gift waiting for you warm in the Brussels workshop from your favorite jewelry store.

Children’s engraving gift: the symbol of love

A customizable bracelet or necklace is the gift of a lifetime. For more than ten years, the creator of Art’emi has taken care to make timeless jewelry that appeal to adults and children alike. However, she brings to her creations your little touch of personality through engraving . With a wide choice of customizable bracelets, pendants and necklaces , Art’emi offers you to create the jewel that your child will wear on him every day. In addition, the range is wide and leaves room for your whole imagination .

Thus, you can engrave his date of birth, his first name, his initials, geographical data, symbols or even his drawings. This is why all of our engraving ideas are to be found by clicking here . Made with love and passion, your message will be symbolic and unique . The jewel will take on its full meaning when your child has it on his neck or on his wrist.

Art’emi quality at the service of your adventurers

We know that children like to play, roll on the ground, climb trees and sometimes do silly things. It is difficult to think that a jewel could withstand the shock with its little adventurers. However, your designer has it all covered! Thanks to the quality of our materials and their approved origin , your child’s engraving gift will not give you any unpleasant surprises.

Your jeweler places a guarantee of quality on all her creations by using sterling silver 925 on almost all children’s jewelry. This material provides robustness and solidity to Art’emi necklaces, bracelets and pendants in addition to its sober color. Indeed, each jewel intended for engraving has smooth and shiny surfaces to match and fit your loulou’s wardrobe a strong and symbolic message . In addition, it is the ideal gift for a child like a newborn.

An engraving, an event

Art’emi’s children’s engraving gift is here to celebrate all the moments of life of your little princess or little prince. Here is a selection of customizable children’s jewelry for every event of his life.

  • Personalized child angel necklace for a baptism. It’s the ideal child engraving gift for the occasion. At a time symbolic by his little angel, he is all the more so with his customization . You can enter the date of his baptism, his first name or his initials with the typology of your choice. Confide your best imaginations to our expert who puts her passion at the service of all your customizations.
  • The personalized slave bracelet for children for a birthday. This children’s bracelet is a timeless that even moms and dads can wear with the Art’emi men’s and women’s collections. This is the gift unique which will make your little ones smile and fill you with happiness. The customization therefore has its full role to play. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Bohemian medallion children’s Liberty bracelet for a communion. It’s the colorful gift she needs with its flowers and easy-to-wear fabric. Choose the medallion you like as well as the fabric. Art’emi offers a wide range of Liberty bracelets to please the greatest number. The customization will bring the unique side of this sublime bracelet for children.
  • Round medal necklace for a child’s engraving gift for the Christmas holidays. It is the necklace for children and adults that is synonymous of timelessness and which will please everyone by its simplicity and his charisma . Write what you want with the typography of your choice . Art’emi takes care of the rest to give the gift that every child expects for Christmas.

Art’emi is waiting for you for your child’s engraving gift!

With Art’emi, you are sure not to go wrong, thanks to the wide range of products that we offer for kids . In addition, the customization is free ! You read correctly ! Your designer does her work with passion and love to deliver the wonderful memories. Therefore the child engraving gift Please ?

See you soon !

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