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Back to school gift: How to please your teacher?

back to school gift

Back to school is approaching! The model student kit is ready: school supplies, biology books, diaries… Only one thing is missing… the back-to-school gift for the teacher! Indeed, it is important to thank the teachers of our children! Why? They awaken, support and contribute to the construction of our little ones. A teacher spends 1/3 of the five days of the week with our children. They reassure them, give them vocabulary, educate them, and take them along the long road to schooling and knowing how to be. It is legitimate to feel indebted to these people who give a lot. A piece of jewelry can be a real success to thank your mistress. And yes, jewelry, beyond aesthetics, have a symbolism . This symbolism can be punctuated by noble materials and precious stones, but it can also mean “thank you”.

Back to school, a revival in your jewelry boxes!

The end of sunny days is approaching, the long summer evenings, and cocktails on the beach will soon be nothing but a beautiful memory. Your mistresses too have a personal life full of love, sun and relaxation! Sometimes the return to work and routine can be quick, even brutal! This is often the time to make resolutions, or change some rituals! Masters like mistresses have a personality and a style to assert.

Giving them a bracelet, a necklace or even a ring could make this decisive change for their back to school! You can opt for an engraved jewelry that is a gift that gives pleasure through a unique personalization that only represents the mistress. Therefore, you can add an acknowledgment message. Something to please your favorite teacher. Would you like more information on engraving? Your art’emi store is available at any time to inquire about a particular piece of jewelry or an idea for engraving. A small detail of course, but an attention that clarifies the importance of indulging yourself and asserting your character through jewelry . Feeling comfortable in your outfits, and getting closer to the most authentic yourself physically is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Gift ideas for your master or mistress

Several gift ideas for back to school can be put in place. First of all, it is about identifying the personality of your master or your mistress. Observe your teacher or that of your children, try to put words on his style: classic, trendy, authentic, original. Remember the colors he or she wears as well. Thanks to this information, we will be able to help you identify the style of your teacher and thus find with you the optimal gift ! At Art’emi, we only deliver jewelry handcrafted in noble materials in our workshops in Brussels. Jewelry for women and men are available on our site. We create bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, money clips, cufflinks and key rings.

Many of our jewelry is made from solid 925 silver . This noble material is known for its resistance, its timelessness but also its elegance. Indeed, solid silver 925 consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. The mixture of copper and pure silver solidifies matter. The jewel that you give to your mistress will be able to live for a long time around her wrists or on her ears!

Many of our jewels are set with precious or semi-precious stones. Stones can be a great gift idea ! Indeed, each has a history, a meaning and virtues. These virtues which are conferred on them can be a beautiful proof of benevolence and affection for your transmitter of knowledge. If you are interested in precious stones for the gift of a teacher, it is essential to find out beforehand about their meaning for an authentic and successful gift!

The customizable jewel

At Art’emi, there is a peculiarity! Many of our jewelry can be personalized with engraving. Indeed, to offer a personalized jewel to your mistress is to our taste the best possible back-to-school gift! The engraving and delivery of our customizable jewelry is free .

On your teacher’s jewel, the universe of possibilities is offered to you: messages, emotions, thanks, mental arithmetic, drawing, words, first names! You will be able to engrave on it whatever seems right and appropriate for your master or your mistress. Personalized jewelry is a success because it is much more than a fashion accessory. Indeed, it delivers a message , sometimes it even represents a memory. Customizable jewelry is very often a pleasure because it is unique! Each human is unique, and it seems obvious that the jewelry offered to them is also!

Finally, if the cost of the quality of our jewelry seems too expensive for a back to school gift, why not organize a group gift with other students in the class? A grouped thank you gift, full of love, engraving and affection can only motivate your teacher to carry out his work with ambition and dynamism.

The art’emi team wishes you a very good day and above all a happy and wonderful start to school! Do not hesitate to contact us for any special requests or additional information. We are available by email or phone.

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