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Woman’s custom jewelry: Become a jewelry designer for the time of a jewel

Woman's custom jewelry

Woman’s custom jewelry: You can’t find the jewel of your dreams, but you have a very precise idea of what it should look like? You have found a fabulous stone on a trip and you would like to make a jewel out of it? You want a 100% unique and original creation that will look like no other and will fulfill your desires? Choose the smallest details of your jewelry creation thanks to the art’emi jewelry store. It is in our workshops that the magic happens and that we will make the jewel that YOU have imagined! Let your imagination do the talking and embark on the adventure!

The Brussels jewelry store art’emi offers you something unique: to make your own woman’s custom jewelry. The concept is very simple: you send us your (beautiful) project and explain it to us. We love the details, so don’t restrain yourself! Tell us about your project. Give us as many details as possible:

Type of realization, material, stones, the occasion or special event it is for… Tell us how you see your woman’s custom jewelry and we will make your dream come true!

You can even send us a sketch, a photo… And then, we will be able to make an estimate. We will bring this masterpiece to life!

Furthermore, since at art’emi we don’t cut corners, we can create the woman’s custom jewelry of your dreams for anyone. This idea you have in mind can be for a man, a woman or a child. All you have to do is tell us for who it is.

The little extra of the art’emi house

Do you have any family jewelry you don’t use anymore?

Your great-grandmother’s pair of earrings is passed down from generation to generation in your family. Unfortunately, you have lost one of them… Don’t panic, you can call upon our services and transform the second part into a pendant or something else. This way, you can keep this unique heritage close to you.

Moreover, if you own a woman’s custom jewelry that you no longer use and that you don’t have the heart to part with, art’emi has found the right compromise. We offer to transform your old jewels to create a new one just as unique.

Woman’s custom jewelry, the procedure to follow…

To find out how to send us your idea for a woman’s custom piece of jewelry, please contact one of our customer advisers, by telephone at +32 496 71 08 40, or by email at the following address:

The creator art’emi will be happy to listen to you and take part in your personalized project.

We offer a new breath to your woman’s custom jewelry and we give it a new lease of life.

With art’emi, let your desires take control!

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