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Engraving drawing jewelry: an original way to engrave your jewelry

gravure dessin enfant bijoux idée

Today, we dedicate this article to the personalization of your jewels: engraving drawing jewelry. A drawing conveys many wonders: messages, emotions, portraits. It is nowadays a very widespread mean of expression and communication, and engraving it on our everyday items makes them personalized and unique. As a gift for your children, or simply to treat tourself, customized jewelry brings a characterful atmosphere that many us of enjoy.

What to design for a beautiful engraving on a jewelry

When creativity comes in the way, the choice of the drawing for your engraving becomes a huge one. Here are different thoughts to help you choose your drawings:

  • A portrait: Why not draw a cartoonist, simple way and with a few lines the face of someone dear to you, your child’s or even yours? Drawing faces can be very appreciated for multiple personal reasons. If you want to carry the face of your loved ones every day with you, or offer their face to a person who fills your days with love and gratitude, it is absolutely possible for us to engrave it.
  • A symbol: We are surrounded by symbols that often mean something. But nothing prevents you from drawing your own symbols and inscribe them on your jewels.
  • Famous drawings: Indeed, reproducing a few Picasso shapes on a personalized jewel can be original and pleasant. Many artists wanted to express messages through their works of art. If these mean something to you, it could be fun to engrave them forever on your valuable items.

Drawing ideas to engrave your child’s jewelry

Children’s jewelry is even more suitable for creativity expressed through drawing! What child has never watched Dora the Explorer or Noddy in Toy Land in the morning before going to school? Very few! What if you offered your little one the drawing of their icon as a small personalized gift? Indeed, characters from their favorite cartoon or book mean a lot to our children. They admire them and identify themselves to them to grow. Wearing a drawing of their idol all day on their wrist will certainly be a pleasant gift for your little one!

Some of yur children may already be great artists themselves. What if engraving their drawings on your jewelry was possible…

The drawings of your children on our jewelry? It’s now possible!

As children, we often blamed mommy for losing or not keeping all our drawings. Those days are over! Today, you have the possibility to engrave your children’s drawings on all your jewels, your loved ones’ or their own! Isn’t it wonderful? Many options are therefore possible: engraving the first words they wrote, their first “I love you”s, their fist caricature of daddy, the shack in the garden… All that is a source of inspiration for your little one makes your jewelry unique!

Furthermore, for an original gift idea, engraving drawing jewelry can be perfect. For Mother’s and Father’s Days, Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Days, the lines drawn by your children on paper often convey love and complicity.

Which jewels for a personnalization ?

To receive an engraving drawing jewel, all jewels combinations are possible. If it is for a gift, an analysis of the context and preferences can lead to choosing a cord bracelet, a necklace or an identity bracelet. If this little jewel is for the child, the children’s customizable jewelry collection can be found online on our website.

You can give this jewel for a celebration too. All kinds of customizable jewelry are available on our website as well. You can vary the pleasures: from earrings and cufflinks to key rings, carriers for engraving are multiple. Everything is possible to treat someone or yourself. Don’t go without your children’s creations, pretty symbols or meaningful drawings on your jewelry anymore to show your uniqueness with your accessories.

You will have understood, granted, the energy conveyed by drawings is positive and insightful, but it also expresses creativity and happiness. A personalized jewel is a beautiful alternative to regular jewelry and the range of possibilities is wide. We will engrave your drawings in our workshops in Brussels on jewels made of noble materials. Respecting your aesthetics and style will always be a priority to us. We’ll be back soon with a new article!

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