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Teacher’s gift: a year to find the idea

Teacher gift end of year's artemi jewelry belgium

Vacation! Holidays! Vacant! 欠員 … The same word, in different languages, but as much fun as the Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Our teachers like them and so for that, they deserve a little thank-you gift, don’t they? (Considering all they had to endure this year) Labels, plants, delicacies, paper flowers or personalized bags… For your teacher’s gift, nothing beats putting your heart into it! Whether your child is in kindergarten or elementary school, you will inevitably find a nice customizable gift to say “thank you” to your beloved teacher.

The month of May has passed so quickly that here we are in June without anyone having seen anything coming… For the children, it means the end of the school year and the summer holidays. Parents, for their part, are the puzzle to organize these famous holidays. And for the teachers, the end of year gift period has arrived!

The teacher also has the right to have her customizable gift.

When I was a child (I reassure you it wasn’t in the days of dinosaurs… and there were even elevators), I remember that parents would gather to offer a common gift. But in recent years, this tradition has certainly continued, but the trend is more towards individual gifts. What if the whole class got together to fill the teacher this year? You can choose a mini bracelet with ultra-personalizable dials. You can have the names of all the children in the class engraved on it, a collective drawing… It’s up to you to be original. Moreover, why settle for only one charm? You can choose the number of charms to engrave as you wish (one, two, seven, twelve…), their shape and material. You can even choose the color of the yarn. What more could you ask for?

Teacher’s gift: find on our online shop

At Artemi, we certainly have the teacher’s gift (personalized or not) that you need! We have created a whole range of original creations for you to avoid the puzzle. In addition, discover our selection of jewelry and accessories that will surely please everyone and make people envious.

Finally, before we can shout out loud and clear that it is the holidays, our little wolves still have some time left on the school bench. But since all good things have an end, let’s not forget one thing: thank our teachers as we should, because it’s because of them that we’re really on holiday (no I’m laughing – not really)… and to take care of our dear little blond heads (red or brown, it depends on the genes).

Well, I have to go, I haven’t finished writing my punishment…

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