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Brussels jewelry and jewelry Art’emi

Jewelry Heart pendent engraving silver, belgium brand

Where to engrave your jewel in Brussels?

Art’emi creations are full of creativity and originality. This is why your designer will surprise you by making your most beautiful and unpublished customizations . Engraving is the trademark of Brussels jewelry. , it is even one of its specialties. The latter consists in reproducing on a hard surface, generally flat and smooth, an incision. This can represent a significant value in your eyes, to make it a exceptional jewel and meaningful. As a result, personalization is something unique, which resembles you and represents you. Believe us, you will never let go of your necklace, ring, bracelet or accessory personalized by Art’emi. So trust in the know-how of Artémi for the creation of jewelry and engraving.

You will find, through the creations of art’emi, an ancestral know-how which consists of an exemplary rigor and thoroughness. The jewelry represents the designer’s passion for jewelry.

Out of engraving ideas?

Your jewelry store offers personalize your jewel with engraving of your choice. Don’t panic if you don’t have an idea, a team is there to provide you with information. This service is available on all of your jewelry (bracelet, medal, cufflink, ring) in gold, silver, gold plated or even steel. But what does Artemi mean by “burn what you want”? We have the answer for you! It can be a first name, a date, a message, a drawing, geographic data, words in foreign languages, therefore, anything that comes out of your imagination.

Engraving is your own moment, it allows you to engrave your feelings on a piece of jewelry or simply to indulge yourself with a piece of jewelry that suits you. You have the possibility to choose your style and your writing and thus achieve a unique jewel who looks like you or who looks like him . Art’emi attaches great importance to this know-how , which is why it offers you this engraving made with love and passion. The goal of art’emi jewelry store is for you to leave with the jewelry of your dreams and a big smile on your lips. This is our goal. So take advantage of this free engraving and give to those who are dear to you (or yourself!).

A second life for your jewelry?

You want to engrave a family gem or simply a jewel which lacks meaning in your eyes? But there, moment of panic, you realize that this is not an Art’emi jewel. Rest assured, Brussels jewelry promises to engrave what you want on your little wonder even if it does not come from us. It is not a dream. Your designer makes every effort to satisfy all of your desires. You can now come to Art’emi and personalize your bracelet, medal or other smooth surface that lacks personality. Thus, we can transform your old jewelry to bring them up to date or change them as you wish. Art’emi knows how to do it reborn your most beautiful adornments , so do not hesitate a second.

Otherwise, Brussels jewelry has more than one trick up its sleeve. Art’emi allows you to erase the engraving of your jewelry in gold, platinum, silver and titanium. This operation is carried out in our workshops by Artémi Vasilakis herself. His professionalism and his way of treating the jewel will dazzle you. Without a doubt, the touch of modernity is what you need. Trust the know-how and ancestral techniques that your designer uses, it’s a miracle factory!

Finally, art’emi’s services don’t stop there. Indeed, you can also bring your favorite channel from your childhood to make it grow! Art’emi extends its field of action and allows you to enlarge or shrink your jewelry. It is about giving new life to your jewelry. It is not because they are too big or too small that they should be thrown away, on the contrary, they have sentimental value in your eyes. This is why art’emi is committed to doing everything possible to revive them and that you can wear them again. It is true that it would be a shame to leave your family gem aside.

Your Art’emi jewelry store is waiting for you

Let’s not forget that the online store has a tab for the blog, so don’t wait to go there. You will find several articles on different subjects. What you have fun, you give ideas on prints, gifts. This part of the site is dedicated just for you. Indeed, it allows you to distract yourself with topics of discussion all more different than the others. Plus, there are some items that can help you find the perfect gift for your grandniece! Her birthday is coming soon, take a quick tour of our blog to find her perfect gift.

Leave your beautiful jewelry in the expert hands of your designer Artémi Vasilakis. With strong knowledge and skills in the world of jewelry, your little wonders will be pampered and you will be fulfilled by the meticulous work of a passionate woman. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at +32 496 71 08 40 or by email at The latter will process your request and will tell you in record time how to create your jewel with your allocated budget. Quotation requests are offered as well as the engraving and delivery!

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