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Grandmother’s Day gift…. And a gift idea for Grandma!

As every year, on the first Sunday of March, to honor (once again) one of the people who matter most to us, I named… our grandmother! Another commercial celebration, grandmother’s day gift, you might say. I say yes, totally. Between Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day, we no longer get by and we lack inspiration. Certainly. EXCEPT THAT the day you become a grandmother you will be happy if your grandchildren who completely neglect you give you a little gift. So we let the Charentaise women down, we plunge headfirst into the consumer society. Zou. So no fuss and let’s go to Grandmother’s Day with a crazy gift idea!

We love our grandmothers, and we are all convinced that they have magical powers! Always in a good mood, they are always there to cheer us up (with a good cake) and share their experience with us. It’s well known, they love to share their famous grandmother tricks with us!

A grandmother’s day gift that smells like cake!

Grandmother’s Day, is coming up fast. This is your opportunity to thank your grandmother on this special day by giving her a personalized gift to show her all your love. Looking for a gift idea for your grandmother? Art’emi offers you original gifts that will certainly please you! Forget flowers, chocolates or any other gift already known and offered a hundred times and opt for an original message jewel that will make your grandmother smile and think of you as soon as she wears or uses it!

In addition, Artemi is a Belgian jewelry designer who emphasizes engraving and personalization on jewelry. What could be more original than to offer your grandmother a small solid silver bracelet with a message or with the name of all her grandchildren! Bam, an incredible idea. In addition, if you want to go even further, you can engrave a drawing (Let’s be green, goodbye paper!). What grandmother wouldn’t be proud to wear one of her grandchildren’s creations around her neck? This customization can be done on a 925 pendant (medal), a solid silver bracelet but also on a silver key ring. So you’re always with her. (Admit it, it’s still a little better than the drawing made with handprints) ( And it’s especially less messy!)

A granny is an adult with a child’s soul!

You want a little secret? I’m sure you do. My grandmother gave me the most beautiful nickname you can give your granddaughter. She doesn’t call me my darling or bichette nan she calls me… the black hole! Isn’t that great? The reason? I’m hungry about every two hours and I’m not getting fat!

Grandma, I love you more than I love tasting it! A kiss to your grandmother.

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