Engraving Art’emi a typical jewelry shop of Brussels

Engraving Art'emi

Engraving on bracelets, necklaces, earrings or rings, the engraving of jewelry is in the spotlight. To transmit a word of love, to keep a key date close to you or to fully appropriate your jewelry with initials, jewelers are more than ever interested in personalization. The trend for customizable jewelry is in full swing in the mood sphere. Necklaces, rings, earrings… all jewelry is adorned with sweet words.

But what can be engraved at art’emi? The Belgian jewelry store offers you a multitude of choices. You can have a first name, a logo (for example for an end of the year company gift), a quotation… Free rein to your imagination, we are not going to stop you.

You want good news? I’m sure you do. Engraving at our place is free. Yes, you’ve read GRA-TUI-TE! What more could you ask for?

Brussels, a little engraving nest…

Who said engraving was complicated? To make it short, engraving involves making an incision – the drawing – on a hard, usually flat surface…

How does it work?

To start, you have to take and send us (otherwise it doesn’t work) a photo of the drawing, the print or the writing (of your child, of your dear and tender…). You can also simply scan them.

Then, you choose the jewel or accessory that makes you look good (if it really does make you look good, there’s a problem) and complete the personalization form as you see fit. In fact, it’s like a Word! I’m sure you’re all old enough to do it and that you don’t need us (well, not yet… I’m just kidding).

Finally, all you have to do is finalize your order. It will arrive in less than 5 days. You will receive an engraved jewel, unique in the world, directly in your mailbox or in a relay point. If that’s not magic.

A few handy tips to keep everything running smoothly!

  • A felt-tip drawing is better! Let me explain, the rendering is much better with a felt pen. The machine (as well as myself) would have trouble with drawings made with colored pencils. Far be it from me to hinder your artistic talents.
  • White sheets are best for this kind of situation. It is best to avoid squared or dark-colored leaves. This will prevent poor rendering.
  • A photo is great if you have some talent (I’m sure you do), but be careful not to take one that’s too dark, too blurry, small, in black and white or with a bad resolution. Then if you want to use the free scan of your own (we have a small preference for this one).

Unfortunately, we can’t reproduce a photo portrait, we have talent, but we still can’t push granny into nettles.

If you enjoy customizing jewelry so much, if you have an overflowing imagination and love for those around you, I may have the solution for you. Why not try the typical Art’emi jewelry shop in Brussels that specializes in engraving jewelry. I promise you will be able to engrave whatever you want: bracelet, necklace, cufflinks… And many more things to make you happy! So come and have a look, we promise we won’t bite (at least not me).

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