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Clean his silver jewelry, How do you do yourself?

clean his silver jewelry

Clean his silver jewelry, even if we love to wear our jewelry every day, over time it starts to fade. The cause? Contact our skin, the acidity of perspiration, friction, chlorine, chemicals and even some skin care products such as creams and perfumes. To keep your silver jewelry in good condition, it is enough to clean your silver jewelry regularly. With the right products, of course, to avoid damaging them even more. The cleaning of a jewel is done according to its material. Gold is not maintained like silver and vice versa.

Having silver jewelry is good, clean his silver jewelry is better

Your jewelry, I’m sure you want it. So, sit back, have a small beer (but orange juice is just as good) and let me guide you through the world of cleaning. Silver is a specifically soft metal. It scratches easily and oxidizes quickly, which is what gives it a blackened appearance. Whether your jewelry is made of veneer or solid wood, the cleaning techniques are the same.

First, you can try cleaning them with lemon juice. This removes limescale and makes silver shine. Using a soft cloth, rub your jewelry with lemon juice and rinse with cold water.

Then you can also use baking soda. You don’t have vinegar or lemon. That doesn’t matter. You can make your jewelry shine with a toothbrush and baking soda. Simply moisten the toothbrush in water and coat it with baking soda and then rub the jewel with this paste and rinse. You can also use white vinegar. Immerse your jewel in a glass filled with white vinegar for 2 hours. Rinse it and dry it.

Afterward, if you are an amateur (or an amateur, gentlemen, you are not forgotten) and you do not want to take any risks, you can always immerse your jewelry in a bowl filled with liquid soap (the dishwashing liquid also works). Then scrub with a toothbrush and you’re done.

Finally, you can clean the money with specific products or go directly to a jeweler. For the specific product, you can use Hagerty, for example. This formula effectively cleanses silver and silverware.

Who would have thought that your bottoms of beer glasses could be used for your household? 

Oh, my God, a little beer is good when it’s hot! It hydrates us like no other, it really feels good. But you know that beer can be an agent that cleans your jewelry? Let me explain something to you. To clean your silver jewelry, there’s nothing like a good pint! Soak your jewelry overnight in a bowl (or mug!) filled with beer. The next day, don’t forget to rinse it all off well to avoid having a beer-flavored silverware! Afterward, why not if it’s your delusion.

Jewelry is like handbags or leather shoes, you have to be careful and take care of it.

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