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Baptism gift idea boy

Baptism gift idea for boys

A gift idea during the baptism of a boy

Are you looking for an original and unique gift idea to offer a boy at his baptism? Do you want to offer something authentic and of quality? In this case, read this section carefully because it is made for you.

In Art’emi , our creations are authentic, of quality and customizable. Indeed, we offer a wide range of creations that you can have engraved as you wish. Our engraving service is completely free, so take advantage of it and discover all of our jewelry!

Why offer a gift during a baptism?

First of all, whether civil or religious, baptism represents for some families a strong symbol during a lifetime. Indeed, it allows registering with the civil status or with the clergy, the relationship of a person with his godfather or godmother. While on the religious level, it also makes it possible to announce the birth of this individual in his faith. Therefore, being invited to this ceremony means that you are important to parents and family. So you have to show that their child is also important to you. Consequently, it is customary to offer a gift to the future baptized person.

You are probably wondering why a piece of jewelry and not other things. The answer is very simple, first of all, a personalized gift is a treat that always pleases both adults and children. In addition, a personalized jewel is a jewel that the child will certainly keep forever because it is very personal, the child will become attached to it and will grow up with his jewel. In addition, as I told you earlier, you can have the message of your choice engraved on it. For example, you can ask us to write a specific date or a little note of your choice. You decide what you want to appear on this jewel.

Therefore, we are here to guide you in your choices and accompany you during this event in order to satisfy your request, for your baptism gift idea boy

What a gift to give to the future baptized boy?

Now is when things get complicated, what types of jewelry will you go for? Don’t panic, you can take a deep breath because we are there to advise you and help you if necessary.

Our product ranges in the category child (which also include babies) are very large, as they are all customizable. In addition, there are endless choices available to you. Indeed, the different jewels available for the child are bracelets, chains, necklaces, and bracelets. In addition, you have the possibility to modify your product according to the different colors present.

In short, among our wide range of jewelry of all kinds, you will find curb chains, bracelets as well as unique and original necklaces. There is something for absolutely all tastes. In addition, children’s jewelry often turns out to be thin, so as not to interfere with their movements and activities. We have, for example, magnificent silver bracelets or very elaborate curb chains. You will therefore easily find a gift to offer to the boy following his baptism, with us!

Curb or bracelet for our baptized godson?

First of all, giving a silver gift for a boy after a baptism is a way to make this little little one unique. For example, the personalization of the bracelet or the bracelet for baby offers the possibility of engraving his first name, his date of birth or whatever you want. In addition, it is possible to personalize the bracelet with a silver pendant to be engraved.

By personalizing this jewel for baby, you can therefore offer the boy a unique, original and elegant gift during the baptism. Indeed, this unique jewel will perfectly complement all his little looks, enough to make more than one young lady fall in love … Finally, this gift will become over the years a real memory that will follow him during his childhood. By offering a silver bracelet to a little boy, you will be giving him a gift with real sentimental value. Therefore, it is a way to keep a bond with this little child.

Bracelets for toddlers also ensure baby’s comfort. The silver curb chains are light. In addition, for more softness, personalized cord bracelets also exist. And finally, choosing the rope allows you to add a touch of color. And don’t worry, corded baby bracelets are just as strong and ready to take baby’s many movements.

Why ARrt’emi will give you the perfect Baptism gift idea for a boy?

The gift following the boy’s baptism can be a small souvenir, so opt for the baby bracelet engraving. Why? First of all, at ARrt’emi we support you right through to your project. Therefore, in order to guide you in the ideas of baby curb engraving, the art’emi jewelry store will provide you with advice on personalization. First of all, let’s choose for example the boy character bracelet. What to have engraved on this jewel? Regarding a baptism, note that the date is important. Therefore, you can choose an astrological sign on one side of the boy’s pendant and on the other side, engrave his name.

And finally, since the creation of art’emi jewelry, we want the quality of our creations to be perfect. They are therefore all made with very resistant materials. Children’s jewelry is obviously no exception to the rule. They must in fact resist their many activities. All our silver jewelry bears the 925 Silver hallmark, which attests to a composition of over 92% pure silver. Regarding our creations in gold, pearls or pearls, we have exactly the same level of requirement. By buying an art’emi piece of jewelry, you make sure you have a bracelet, a curb chain, or a necklace that will last through time.

For more information, browse our online store Art’emi to find all our customizable creations! Undoubtedly, you will discover the nugget that will be your gift during the baptism of the young boy.

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