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Leather bracelet: tips and tricks to clean

Leather bracelet artemi

First of all, in contact with the sun, rain, dust, but also your perspiration, contact with the different objects around you (table, desk…), rubbing effects with your clothes… in short, when you live your life, the leather bracelet also lives your own and as we age (unfortunately).

Beautiful jewelry lasts a lifetime! We like to take them out from time to time to wear them with a special outfit. In conclusion, we sometimes note with regret that time leaves its mark. Although these are indelible, here are some tips for maintaining your leather strap.

Leather Bracelet: 1 – Time wear 0

For this leather bracelet, the Belgian designer Artemi uses nappa leather. It is a smooth leather, of excellent quality, which happens to be quite resistant to the sun and small waterproof bonus. Its specificity is that it is treated on the surface of the skin (lamb, goat…) to make it softer than lambda leather. This one is of durable quality, since it is protected. However, to extend its life, you can clean it like this….

First we’ll start with the basics. And what is more basic than Marseille soap? This ancestral and imperishable product whose cleaning properties are no longer to be proven. So here’s the magic recipe: a sprig of water to lather and a toothbrush to rub and degrease the skin of your bracelet. And that’s it! Be careful, we rinse well to avoid scale deposits, of course we dry with a dry cloth, while we let the piece rest away from heat. Finally, your leather strap is like new and your wrist smells like Provence. If that’s not magic!

In addition, there are also many effective products on the market that can help you if it doesn’t work or if you don’t want to use Grandma’s tips and tricks to wash leather bracelet.

For daily care, in short, you should remember to store your leather bracelet away from light and dust when you are not wearing them. Of course, it is good not to wear a leather strap every day and to let it breathe sometimes without wearing it. So you need to have several types of bracelets to be able to switch them. And boom! That’s where the silver bracelets come in!

When Grandma comes to the rescue, it promises

For a very dirty leather bracelet: alcohol and talcum powder, an effective combo. Even with cirrhosis of the liver, Grandma never misses pastis time. Well yes, she has a beautiful leather strap to remind her of that…. Like vinegar, alcohol is fatal to bacteria. Talc, on the other hand, absorbs moisture and prevents mould. The combination of the two is an infallible cocktail and… In conclusion, apply some on your bracelet, then clean with a damp sponge before drying with a cloth or towel.

Thank you who? Thank you, Grandma!

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