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Father’s Day also known as the impossible gift mission

Fathers Day gift - Personalized gift idea for Father's Day jewellery brussels artemi

If a bouquet of flowers or a pretty piece of jewelry is enough to satisfy our mothers. Finding a Father’s Day gift that matches our fathers’ expectations is much more complicated! You may have guessed what we’re going to talk to you about, the June puzzle, we named…. Father’s Day! You have the right to forgetting Uncle Robert’s birthday party, the “super mega important” meeting on Friday morning, lunch with your in-laws (as if you REALLY forgot)… But Father’s Day: you can’t forget it under any circumstances!

Father’s Day, the perfect opportunity to spoil your daddy. If you don’t have any idea of the attention to offer him for the big day, don’t panic, the Brussels jewelry store Art’emi is here to save you!

Do you accept this Father’s Day gift mission?

Less than a month after Mother’s Day, it is time for our dear fathers to celebrate. Less celebrated than its female counterpart, it is therefore my duty to restore justice with an article on Father’s Day. Dad, I love you!

This year, you have decided to leave out strict ties, dark socks, and other overly classic gifts. And why not innovate this year by offering her a piece of jewelry? Be careful I’m not talking about the pasta necklace (I have nothing against it, really!) but let’s leave it to Mom, she looks so happy when she receives it. Male jewelry is too often reduced to a wedding ring or a watch. To satisfy the most experienced and seduce the refractory, the offer nevertheless multiplies around the wrists and keys!

For this Father’s Day, the Belgian jewelry store Art’emi is promoting a range of customizable jewelry to satisfy both young and old. This one proposes you to engrave what passes through your head (I don’t want to be in yours, in mine it’s already the bazaar) on a jewel: necklace – medal, bracelet – bracelet – bracelet but also cuff link and key ring. It can be a little word of love like a little drawing. The choice is yours.

“My daddy is the most beautiful, tallest and strongest in the world”

Finally, even if we love our fathers to madness, finding them an original special Father’s Day gift has never been a simple thing! It’s already complicated to find a Mother’s Day gift, but then for Dad… it’s another level.

But anyway I am sure he will like it because this original gift will come from you. So arm yourself with a good dose of daddy’s special humor, your wonderful father’s day gift (it is, don’t worry) and off you go!

And above all, we don’t forget: Happy Birthday Dad!

#Dadynoun and I love you to the star

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