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How to cleaning your gold jewelry?

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Cleaning your gold jewelry, we have all asked ourselves at least once how we could cleaning our gold jewelry or tarnished blackened or even oxidized metals. Can we really bring our rings, necklaces and other bracelets to life? Is it enough to clean your gold jewelry with a cloth for that to be enough?

Have your jewelry lost its splendor over time? Don’t worry, it is possible to restore them to their youthful splendour with the ingredients of your kitchen and bathroom!

Cleaning your jewelry is really no big deal!

Gold is a soft metal that scratches easily and gets dirty quickly. If it is important to clean your gold jewelry, it is better to avoid using products that are too aggressive. Our jewelry is a part of us that we promote, that we show to the whole world. That’s why they need our full attention. Unlike necklaces and earrings, our gold rings get dirty and damaged more quickly. Our hands are constantly in action, which exposes our rings to more risks: shock, dirt, dirt, clinging, friction, perspiration… To this end, the precious stones that compose it double the danger.

As with silver, gold can be cleaned with soap (or dishwashing liquid) but also baking soda. To do this, simply immerse your gold jewel in a bowl of water (hot for the soap and warm for the bicarbonate). Soak it for a while, rub, rinse and that’s it. If you want to be original, you can clean your gold jewelry with talcum powder and a small cloth. The virtue of this one is to make the gold shine and make it as good as new, without damaging it!

Then there is the ultimate option… Go to a jeweler to have it cleaned for you. Some jewelry is too fragile to risk homemade cleaning. For example, jewelry set with precious stones may suffer from boiling water cleaning because the heat sometimes changes the color of the stone. From time to time you have to trust them a little… It’s still their jobs!

There is gold and gold

To clean a white gold ring, the methods are similar. However, you will have to be very careful when rubbing the metal to remove dirt. Indeed, white gold jewelry is covered with a rhodium layer card. This one gives the jewel shine and brightness. However, it naturally fades with time. Maintain your white gold rings regularly.

If your gold ring is decorated with stones, you will need to adapt your cleaning method. Indeed, know that emerald and pearl are very fragile and that they do not tolerate hot water well. Diamond, for its part, should be kept away from products that deposit “fat” on its surface, such as moisturizing soap. For this type of jewelry, I advise you to clean its gold jewelry with warm water added with a little Marseille soap. Use a soft toothbrush to remove all dust and dirt, especially in the claws that support the stones.

A clever little trick, the lynx. To restore shine to costume jewelry, you can protect it by covering it with transparent varnish. You can also use gold or silver leaf to correct an addiction on a toc jewelry (and I assure you that it doesn’t cost so much that it doesn’t worry). Simply moisten the damaged area a little and simply apply the sheet.

But like everything else, there are things you shouldn’t do

Cleaning your gold jewelry comes from a good deed, but be careful what you do. Jewelry is fragile and we often tend to forget it because we always carry it with us. But here are two or three tips that may help you.

Avoid at all costs any contact of gold with chlorine. It will cause the gold to deteriorate over time. Remove all gold jewelry when cleaning with bleach and before entering chlorinated pools and spas. Do not clean gold with toothpaste, although some people or sites may recommend it. Some contain abrasives, such as silica (present in quartz), which can tarnish the shiny finish of gold.

Cleaning her gold jewelry, an effort, that hell, discipline I took you, mark on your schedule your annual appointment between your beloved jewelry and yourself… Jewelry Day!

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